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We ordered a curry that cost us £47, what a waste of money as none of it was eaten as it was FAR to spicy, mixed started was unbearable and a lamb bhuna should not be spicy in the slighest and that had a kick to it. Would have been happy for value for money IF was edible. Money wasted for something we couldn't even eat. Would ideally would of liked a refund or some money back and someone to come pick up the food to show we didnt even touch it. We had a sandwich instead when should been a nice take away meal

Katie Fenn, 09 Jan 2021

Our favourite

Tara, 08 Jan 2021

I would appreciate if you wouldn’t ignore my previous messages, I’ve tried to call but haven’t been able to get through either.

Annie, 06 Jan 2021

Hello team, Thank you for our dinner. It’s normally spot on which is why we have used you since we lived in our last house And continue to use you now however tonight was a little disappointing. We’re not complaining, just wanting to let you know that 2/3 of the veggies in the vegetable Bhuna were raw and there was next to no sauce and the onion bhajis were quite dry. However everything else was very tasty and excellent as always. It just felt like the veggie meal was a last Minute thought whereas previously the other veggie options have been amazing (despite being different each time!). Thanks again, we will be back.

Els, 03 Jan 2021

Always good - would love to eat in restaurant but takeaway will have to do

Heidi, 02 Jan 2021

Best in Maidenhead for takeaway or delivery. Looking forward to visiting restaurant when covid allows.

Trevor, 02 Jan 2021

(I originally sent this yesterday via Facebook but still not had a response- the Facebook included photos of proof) Good afternoon, I am contacting you after the experience we had Thursday night. I am fully aware it was New Year’s Eve and it was always going to be an incredibly busy time for take outs with the circumstances however I feel it was completely unacceptable the service we received and such a shame as I was a huge fan of your restaurant. Appreciating it was New Years, we placed the order that morning and had a confirmation email before 11am for our order to be delivered at 7.35pm. 7.35 comes around and goes, we left it until 8pm, we tried to call numerous times but line was engaged, when we finally got through at 8.20 the gentleman on the phone was unapologetic, rude and unhelpful, I was completely taken aback and didn’t appreciate him saying there wasn’t anything he could do, he wouldn’t check with the kitchen and if it wasnt there by 9.30 then to call back and we would get a refund! I asked what he expected us to eat if no food was to arrive- his answer was what would you like me to do about it, he also told me how busy it was so it was irrelevant we put the food in first thing and had it confirmed, this was also the same gentlemen who refused to check if a dish had nuts in and couldn’t guarantee the chef was going to cook it without nuts as they were so busy so could someone else try it first to see if it tasted of nuts- let me tell you the person has a serious nut allergy and could of ended up in a life threatening way, it was a very unprofessional approach to have to the situation and I can’t express how disappointed I was for this attitude. I rang back at 8.40pm to see if there was an update and spoke to a lady who I would like to say was incredibly apologetic, professional and assured us we were next and it would be here by 9pm and again apologised, excellent custom service and maybe had she answered it the first time we wouldn’t of felt so let down and appalled. The food then arrived gone 9pm and it wasn’t correct, honestly couldn’t believe it. We ordered a Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi however a Bhuna arrived instead, no chicken korma or chicken Passanda, the only correct main was the tikka Masala. We ordered chicken pakora and vegetable ones arrived, the popadoms were completely smashed up and the garlic naan was completely burnt, rock solid and inedible and the extra mango chutney was missing. We phoned back and when we could finally get through unfortunately it was the first gentleman who answered the phone, again completely unapologetic and he asked again what I wanted him to do about it! In the end after a unprofessional discussion he agreed to send out the korma and passanda and then hung up - this behaviour busy or not is not acceptable. Why accept a pre order if you are too busy or why accept further orders later on if it’s unmanageable to complete orders? When the missing 2 mains arrived over 2 hours later, the korma was so spicy - I have had korma at your restaurant numerous times and it’s normally absolutely beautiful however it was inedible and completely ruined our evening as everyone was starving, ate at different times and unhappy with how we were being dealt with. It hasn’t been an easy year for anyone and believe me I understand that after losing my job in august and having not been able to find a new job has been awful, so it was a massive treat to get a take away and we especially chose Gandhi for the occasion as we wanted a treat, I would also like to point out the first time we rang I offered to pick it up and I was told it wouldn’t make it any quicker. With all that in mind- I would please like to speak to a manager when it’s convenient and I’d like to arrange a refund for the below items: The burnt garlic naan The missing mango chutney The korma The Jalfrezi that never arrived The Passanda And the incorrect pakora’s I honestly don’t think we’ll return to Gandhi, I understand you were busy and I can completely appreciate mistakes happen and time delays in busy periods, but I cannot accept being spoken to the way I was and I will not support that behaviour. Look forward to hearing from someone. Many thanks

Annie, 02 Jan 2021

Lovely food, great service

Jo Obrien, 01 Jan 2021

Always choose Ghandi for our Indian Take-away, has always been good.

Amelia, 01 Jan 2021

my food was cold when it reached me and I live close by,

Emma, 31 Dec 2020

The ghandi NEVER fails to deliver perfect food, service and value for money.

Matt, 31 Dec 2020

Simply delicious!

Carole, 30 Dec 2020


Aman, 24 Dec 2020

Always had good food from Ghandi.

Brian, 24 Dec 2020

Last time our food took over 2 hours to arrive. So will do collection only from now on. Always super tasty food though.

Caley, 19 Dec 2020

Love this restaurant - I eat in when its open, but during lockdown have been using this takeaway menu. The ordering site is simple to use, the food always arrives upon time and its always delicious and hot. Portions are big and we generally eat leftovers the next day too. Its my favourite Indian in Maidenhead.

Lois, 05 Dec 2020

Absolutely the best tasting Indian food I have had outside of India. The dishes are unique, extremely flavoursome and very well portioned. You should definitely take the time to visit the Ghandi at least once! You’ll love it.

Matt, 03 Dec 2020

Hi there, We live in the local area and like many of our friends and family, we're more and more aware of the amount of plastic that we are all consuming on our everyday lives. I wonder - as one of the leading takeaway businesses in Maidenhead, serving top quality food, would you consider leading the way on sustainability also and introducing a tiffin return scheme for your regular takeaway customers? We have brought our own containers in for you to fill up a few times, but conscious that this takes up more of your chefs time when you're putting together our order, and isn't viable for you to do for instance for a large number of customers for multiple orders in a busy night. Here's an example of one Indian takeaway business in Australia who is leading the way on this - an idea for us all to aspire to? Let me know your thoughts and we'd be very happy to write about this and promote it with local people and friends via various channels if you were to introduce this sort of Tiffin box return/deposit scheme. We would absolutely buy more takeaways from you if this were introduced! Currently we try to limit our takeaway consumption only because of the packaging waste it creates . nglish/takeaway-tiffins-how-one-i ndian-restaurant-is-reducing-plas tic-waste Thanks so much for reading and for the consideration. Best regards, Katie Nunn

Katie Nunn, 24 Nov 2020

I was truly disappointed with my food ordered last night. I ordered 2 varieties of Lamb dishes and there was no difference the 2 dishes. it was as it they had been taken out of 1 large pot and just given different names! The chicken dish was dry and all i could taste was powdered jira and the jira rice was super salty! The mixed grill had chicken wing with the skin on - awful. The lamb tikka was so dry and there was absolutely no taste to any of it! The puri was so hard and not tasty at all! I normally order from Rucchi and I thought i would try another restaurant. I shall definitely never use your place ever again and in fact stick to Rucchi in Wooton Way. I spent a lot of money and I am a widow and rarely order takeaways and thought I would treat myself. It cost me a great deal and wish I had never ordered from your place. Really dissappointed!

Tazmina Jiwani, 22 Nov 2020

Lovely but the clock was well out. This said 75 mins and it can in about 25! Also thought 2 king prawns was a bit tight for £6.50

Dan, 21 Nov 2020

On this occasion I did not order the Makhani Dal because the quality of our last two orders of the dal have been far below the standard we have experienced & come to expect from Gandhi. I now make the dal myself. I believe your problem lies with one or more of the following reasons:- changed recipe, process or chef. Perhaps all of them. I use Urad Dal but suspect our last two orders, at least, used another type of lentil. Best wishes, Roger Bagley (07521 204398)

Roger, 20 Nov 2020

We have been customers of Gandhi's for the past 4 years and in general have been very happy both with the take away service and in the restaurant. However, there have been three occasions where are delivery food has failed to turn up, the latest being Sat, 14th Nov. On each of these occasions we have been told that there was an issue with the computer which meant that while the order was accepted and money taken from my account, it did not make it into the kitchen so was not cooked. When I called on Saturday to enquire about the status of our food, it was already 9pm and while the staff offered to cook the order then, it would have been too late by that point. In summary, very good food and generally a good service but the fact we have had three order fail to turn up means we may end up looking for a more reliable alternative.

Steve Perry, 16 Nov 2020


Joanne, 14 Nov 2020

I thought I'd leave you feedback this time and we are consistently impressed. It is now really easy to order from the phone which is very convenient to use. I like the fact that I have confirmation of payment which is important to know. We'll done guys, just keep the food great and tasty as it is

Richard, 13 Nov 2020

Best Indian in Maidenhead. Easiest website to use.

Darren, 07 Nov 2020

We really love Ghandi's, great food and service. We are starting to notice portion sizes reducing and this is something that should be considered.

Manoj, 07 Nov 2020